Cy Twombly, Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, De Kooning, Picasso Will Be Here Shortly

I know I’ve been gone for a long time, and I am sorry, I really am. I am not writing this for you, reader, but for me. I have seen a lot of beautiful art and I have written a few things on artists that made my heart melt. I fell in love with a painting. It was De Kooning, I think he understands a woman’s shape better than any painter I know, so much eroticism and beauty in his art, it is and felt incredible.

I am back and I will update the site with pieces on and impressions about Damien Hirst, Cy Twombly (the best exhibition I have ever seen), Willem De Kooning, Francis Bacon, and my special adoration of Picasso. Not all of his art builds emotions in my soul but I must admit that he was one of the most incredible creatures I ever read about. I will talk a little about Jeff Koons, I wasn’t so interested about him until it hit me that there must be irony is his work, and I like to interpret it this way. I like it this way.

I will also start a few articles on art marketing. My MA dissertation involved a lot of research about marketing arts. It will be more academic, less feelings, but let’s say it will be in sync somehow with the site. I might publish these posts on my non-art blog, we shall see.

Any way, I am back and I am present. And I will bring art back here.

My personal credo:

Art bears no criticism. If it makes you feel, if it stirs emotions, if it makes you cry with joy or fear or disgust, the art is good. And it can be qualified as art. You don’t need to know what it means, what the artist want to transmit to you. The message you get – the specific feeling – that is the message for you and it’s all that counts. 

With this in mind, let art rule the world!


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