As I am in my ‘Matisse” mood, I think I would like to appreciate color a little bit. Not from a technical point of view but from a personal perspective. Basically I would like to talk about the feeling I have when I am invaded by color. I get excited, maybe overwhelmed (if there’s bright orange or bright pink I might even get a little bit tired) but the general sensation is a flow of energy going trough my body. Reviving.

I don’t understand the question ‘what’s your favorite color‘. How can you choose? I see a beautiful combination of brown, copper, gold and my eyes are singing, just as they do when I am in front of Picasso’s blue or rose period. I can’t choose color, like I can’t choose a favorite painting, a favorite painting style, a favorite book and favorite author and so on. There is so much beauty and there are different feelings caused by different things, I could not choose one thing and say this is the best I’ve ever seen. It could be the best I’ve ever felt in this moment but the strongest feelings are the ones you feel right now so again, that is relative.

I love color, I like to see a colorful mess and I find meaning in it. It makes me feel.

With this note tomorrow I will get to Picasso. He is so vibrant, his paintings are full of life. I believe he was as well.

Soon I will write about the paintings myself, for now I resume myself to providing links and general ideas. When I have something to say, I will say it.


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