What will happen on this blog…

I am not sure yet.  What is certain is that everything will be continuously updated and completed with information and opinions. This is just the begininning…

What I want to do is

…I want to write, as much as possible, no limit regarding subject, lenghts, style, anything. Writing for the sake of writing. It might be even writing words with no meaning every day. Writing for noone in particular, with no particular goal but to write. So this is the first intention and this will stay.

…I want to learn. I learn through doing. So I will learn, I will find artists -painters, writers etc. and I will write about them here. I will write about how I see them or just quote wikipedia. Or I will just post a video, a photo and that will be everything I need to say. Sometimes words are of no use.

…I want to write about reading and about books. I will write about what I read and what I learn from it. In time I might get some skill in doing this, until then I am basically a rookie in everything: in drawing, in painting, in interpreting art, in writing, in reading (forever) so mistakes are accepted. I will make many, I know that is the only certain thing from my life experience. We make mistakes.

…I want to play. Basically the fun is the purpose of everything I do. I work for money but also fun. I read for knowledge but also for fun. I draw because I want to be able to express myself in images but it’s also fun. Everything, but absolutely everything has a fund side. So, I will have fun.


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