What is 10.000 hours?

What happened?

I read a book some time ago. It was called ‘Outliers’, by Malcom Gladwell. It is partly an economy book, partly motivational.

What else happened? I met a boy. I would like to say a man but basically it’s a boy. A boy who has a passion. He has passion, skill and talent. So, he will succeed in doing what he wants to do, what he needs to do to keep his sanity.

So, I was inspired. This book tells me that with 10.000 hours of practice, anything can not only be learned but mastered to a professional level. 10.000 hours of practice and I become a professional, in whatever I choose. It seems like a huge commitment (if I split it per 10 years,  I have 1.000 hours per year of practice, meaning 2.74 hours every day, if I really want to master my choice of profession – passion).

What is the connection between the 10.000 hours rule and the boy? He has a passion and the certainty that he wants to spend the rest of his life doing that one thing, as this is his choice and it comes straight from the heart. And there’s the 10.000 h rule that actually says that with enough work he will become a master of his choice (painting).

He inspired me: he gave me the motivation and the book gave me the ‘how’ -that’s work. It’s practice, it’s effort, it’s hustle.

But now the problem comes up: to master what? I think the world is  full of beautiful things and I would do them all. I don’t feel I was born to paint, or to be a finance specialist,  to solve math problems, to become a commnication guru or whatever else. I don’t know my choice.

So I did what Steve Pavlina said (http://www.stevepavlina.com) . I started writing on a blank piece of paper what I like to do. And one thing made sense:I like to talk, to influence and to teach. In the end the choice came while I was busy thinking that I will never know what I should do, but I do: I need to write. I have 10.000 hours. I will try to prove this concept right or wrong.

600.000 minutes. Starting with this moment I have 599.990 more minutes to practice.

I started.


2 responses to “What is 10.000 hours?

  1. I like the content. I didn’t even now they had names for some of the things posted here. Keep it up! I would also recommend another one of Gladwell’s books, ‘Blink’.

    You have 555350 minutes left. 🙂

    • Thanks a lot, I deserted it for a while, but this is encouraging 🙂
      There are many, many things to discover, too bad I don’t have time to write everything that I find.
      I did read ‘Blink’ (this is how my interest for Gladwell started) and also just got “What the Dog Saw” (his latest).

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